THINK Aviation Training was established to provide greatly needed professional aviation training and training management services for the expanding industry in East Africa and surrounding regions. We currently hold a Kenya Civil Aviation Authority approved Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) and continue to gain further approvals as our client base grows throughout the region.

Regulatory requirements dictate that aviation personnel must complete a variety of specific training courses to ensure that they are equipped to safely carry out their daily functions.

At THINK we believe these courses should not only achieve the minimum regulatory requirements but exceed them while teaching participants current and up to date industry best practices. We achieve this by continually assessing and evolving our courses through industry research and course feedback systems.


Desert Locust Control Organisation Hanger
Wilson Airport
Langata Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Email: info@think.co.ke
Phone: +254 733 483 483,
+254 733 366851

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P.O. Box 480-00502
Karen, Nairobi, Kenya