We have a wide range of products and services that can support your training requirements to help you and your entire organisation achieve its set goals.

When you select THINK, you will benefit from our international experience and expertise, providing you with the foundation for achieving the required performance standards through sound planning and development.

As part of our business culture, we consider the transfer of knowledge vital, so we impart to you and your team more than just reports, we deliver results.

Please browse our list of specific solutions that we are sure will provide you with the tools to compete more efficiently in the exciting aviation market place.

THINK is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date and well researched information by using a variety of international sources.

We believe our training courses to be “alive” and so new material is systematically introduced and course content updated, whilst ensuring regulatory requirements are adhered to. In addition to continually updating our current courses we are constantly working towards bringing you further training programs, guaranteeing you and your staff are on the leading edge of the industry best practices.

In an industry where change and technological advances are an everyday occurrence we make it our business to keep you current. We can develop any training program you need, so feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and we’ll come and talk to you about how we can help.

The tailored training concept is quite simple, you tell us what you want and we’ll provide it.

We expand and adapt on current industry compliant courses, tailoring them to your organisation, operating environment and procedures so your staff are trained to exacting, relevant standards. If you change we change. If you expand we will provide you with the necessary training required, specific to your needs.

We create a feedback system to ensure continual communication between you, your staff and THINK therefore courses hit the mark ever time. You tell us when it’s convenient for you to conduct classes, whether it’s on weekends or over several days in the evening.

By signing up to a tailored training package it will allow you to budget for your training needs in advance while capitalising on discounted training package rates. Contact us and we’ll show you how easy it is to have your own personalised training courses now and into the future.

Design, development, updating and administration of Manuals are some of the most time consuming tasks when maintaining regulatory compliance.

THINK lets you get on with your business, while our expert team develop, review and amend current manuals and other operational documentation quickly, simply, and cost effectively.

We can perform a thorough assessment of your current manual system to determine your level of compliance and conformity with the applicable regulations and industry standards and also help you establish appropriate tracking and monitoring systems to maintain documentation compliance. We offer highly flexible solutions ranging from the delivery of a single document through to an all-encompassing manual suite and will work with you to document the incorporation of new fleets, training programs and provide, at an agreed frequency, amendments as and when required.

lease feel free to contact us about your special needs.

THINK is dedicated to building and maintaining effective working partnerships with each and every one of our clients.

We can provide independent, expert, impartial advice with the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Through our own staff and affiliates, THINK can provide a range of consultancy services for the aviation industry to suit your needs:

  • Technical and Training manual development;
  • Training course development and delivery;
  • Safety and Quality Management support services including operational safety auditing;
  • Regulatory approval process services;
  • Contractor oversight;
  • Product and Service procurement;
  • Strategic business development and management.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will work together to put you one step ahead in the ever challenging aviation sector.

Training itself is only part of the process of maintaining a strong, professional, competent culture within an aviation company.

Planning, executing and monitoring of training will help you achieve continual compliance with regulatory and operational requirements ensuring local aviation authorities will be confident you are meeting international aviation standards and recommended practices.

Regulations include mandatory training for aviation personnel that must be conducted by approved training organisations such as THINK.  So we provide a unique but proven training management service that will ensure continual compliance.

Our training management services will monitor that training is being completed in a timely manner while updating personnel training files ensuring traceability, particularly at audit time.


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