Flight Operation Officer(FOO)

Flight dispatchers / Flight Operation officers’ role has been proven to be very vital and sensitive in the aviation industry and as such, need for their appropriate training and qualification has been accepted throughout the world and has been provided for in international Standards and recommended Practices.

FOO Course objectives are for students to..

Identify air traffic services, their objectives and indicate when they are provided
Identify the regulatory requirements to be met by an operator engaged in commercial air transport and outline significant documents to the flight Operations officer
Demonstrate ability to conduct communications in the aero mobile service using ICAO language, phonetic alphabet and procedures.
Identify the basis of weight, altitude and temperature to enable the student to determine the maximum permissible take-off and landing weights under various operating conditions using flight manual
Identify units used in navigation for determining position and distance.
Describe the FOO official documents that specify whether commodities are acceptable or not for transport by commercial airlines and if acceptable, under which conditions of the DGR
Explain the need for flight plans and describe flight planning procedures as applicable to FOO’S functions.
Identify the need for flight monitoring and the roles of some of the agencies and personnel involved.
Apply concepts learned in Human factor limitations in the performance of the FOO’S duties
Describe emergency , security policy and procedures as laid down and practiced by carriers

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